«Outsource Design Department» – design company, created to provide your business with high-quality project documentation of steel and concrete constructions as well as comprehensive support for production processes.

We offer you a new approach to the providing of design services - your own outsource design department that works faster and more effective than your own!

There is no more need to think about the selection of highly qualified staff and their motivation, to monitor their performance, there is no need to purchase expensive software and worry about the timing and quality of the design works. All this is our concern!

We are ready to take the responsibility and all the risks that were previously your headache – now will be called our working issues.

So concentrate on your main task – the production of constructions, and let us provide to you with a quality and affordable design service!

Highly qualified specialists

Our key specialists have years of experience on steel and concrete production plants and understand the needs of advanced manufacturing.
We provide engineering services to the European metal structures plants and have a big experience of successful implementation.

Modern software

We use only Hi-Tech and most efficient BIM software: Tekla structures, Robot structural analysis. Without compromises. We have thoroughly and comprehensively studied the calculation and design programs, so we plan to surprise you with the possibilities of modern programs!

You will get more than just high quality drawings. You will get powerful control levers over all organization and construction processes - from analysis and planning to evaluations and exploitation of the object.

Our experience at your service

We have the knowledge and experience to accelerate and optimize your production processes. We study your technical requirements to the drawings and production statements. Moreover, we offer the unique and trusted approach to the development and proper preparation of the project documentation that can improve efficiency and speed of production.

Good price and minimal risk

We are ready to offer you a better price and a flexible approach to the timing of the project. Our price would be at least 30% cheaper than any of our competitors! Even cheaper than the work cost for your own design department! Without any prepayments! You will be able to see completely finished work and pay after! This means absence of risks for your company!

Some facts about us


Highly qualified specialists


Completed projects


Tons of constructions designed


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